Table 1.

Gene expression of antigen presentation molecules

Probe SetGene TitleDay 17Day 21
ClamContP valueClamContP value
Proximal small intestine
1367679_atCD74 antigen1,6752,3364·10−5*1,8081,6754·10−1
1370822_atRT1 class II, locus Ba4198092·10−10*5925687·10−1
1370383_s_atRT1 class II, locus Db13856482·10−6*6005232·10−1
1370382_atRT1 class II, locus Bb15131P < 1·10−16*42784·10−3
1388236_x_atRT1-CE11 class I2,8762,5041·10−18981,4282·10−8*
1368593_atCD1d1 antigen6577602·10−11892764·10−4*
Distal small intestine
1370382_atRT1 class II, locus Bb11462·10−15*75912·10−1
1370383_s_atRT1 class II, locus Db13154742·10−5*4915017·10−1
1370822_atRT1 class II, locus Ba3525842·10−8*5885646·10−1
1388202_atRT1 class Ib, locus Aw228124P < 1·10−16*119974·10−1
1388236_x_atRT1-CE11 class I3,8752,5921·10−6*1,3701,2699·10−1
1388694_atMHC class I RT1·O type 14958371·10−226632·10−4*
Large intestine
1371033_atRT1 class II, locus Bb1684781·10−16*2926058·10−11*
1388212_a_atMHC class Ib RT1·S32881722·10−4*1791676·10−1
1388202_atRT1 class Ib, locus Aw236379·10−131639·10−4*
1367595_s_atβ-2 microglobulin4,3004,1828·10−13,6664,7716·10−5*
1388536_atHLA-B associated transcript 22784071·10−3*2802544·10−1
  • Probe set, Affymatrix probe set no.; Gene title, NetAffx annotations; Clam and Cont, mean average difference intensity (ADI) data for the Clamoxyl (Clam) and control (Cont) groups; P value, level of significance.

  • * Significant differences between Clam and Cont groups (P < 0.001).