Table 2.

Common changes in rat cortical gene expression after acute administration of LSD, PCP, and METH

Accession No.GenePCP (PFC)LSD (PFC)ClassificationFunction
AF030088Activity and neurotransmitter-induced early gene 3 (Ania3, Homer1)cytoskeletonpostsynaptic density protein
L01624Serum and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase (Sgk)signal transductionserine/threonine protein kinase
X63594NFkappaB inhibitor alpha (Nfkbia)transcription translationtranscription factor regulator
U78102Early growth response 2 (Egr2, Krox20)transcription translationzinc-finger DNA binding protein
AI176710Nuclear orphan receptor 1 (Nr4a3, NOR-1)transcriptionnuclear hormone receptor
Accession No.GenePCP (PFC)METH (PFC)ClassificationFunction
J03179D-box binding protein (Dbp)transcription translationtranscription factor
  • Up arrows indicate significant upregulation compared with control; down arrows indicate significant downregulation compared with control. PFC, prefrontal cortex.