Table 2.

Echocardiographic data

Wild-type MiceKnockout Mice
LV-ThED, mm1.18±0.102.17±0.16*
LV-ThES, mm1.53±0.062.39±0.16*
LV-DED, mm3.21±0.142.50±0.32*
LV-DES, mm2.34±0.221.59±0.26*
Absolute LVD Shortening, mm0.99±0.120.74±0.05
Fractional LVD Shortening, %30±434±3
  • Values are means ± SE; n = number of observations. LV Th, left ventricular wall thickness; LV D, left ventricular lumen diameter. The subscripts ED and ES denote end diastole and end systole, respectively.

  • * P < 0.05 vs. wild-type mice.