Table II. 47 transcripts expressed at the same level in eleven human adult and fetal tissues

Accession No.



AJ000099 Lysosomal hyaluronidase M
D14662 KIAA0106 LM
D21261 KIAA0120 M
D23673 HH109 (screened by the monoclonal antibody of insulin receptor substrate-1) M
D29012 Proteasome subunit Y M
D32129 HLA class-I (HLA-A26) heavy chain (clone cMIY-1) M
D50063 Proteasome subunit p40_/ Mov34 protein M
D63476 KIAA0142 LM
HG2238-HT2321 Nuclear Mitotic Apparatus Protein 1, Alt. Splice Form 2 M
HG3597-HT3800 Major Histocompatibility Complex, Class I (Gb:X12432) M
J04617 Elongation factor EF-1-alpha H
L06499 Ribosomal protein L37a (RPL37A) H
L37368 RNA-binding protein, (clone E5.1) M
L40395 (clone S20iii15) , 3' end of cds LM
M15990 c-yes-1 L
M23254 Ca2-activated neutral protease large subunit (CANP) M
U06155 Chromosome 1q subtelomeric sequence D1S553 H
U07857 18 kDa Alu RNA binding protein M
U10323 Nuclear factor NF45 M
U20285 Gps1 M
U33821 Tax1-binding protein TXBP151 M
U39317 E2 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UbcH5B L
U46570 Tetratricopeptide repeat protein (tpr1) M
U50079 Histone deacetylase HD1 LM
U56417 Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase-alpha M
U57341 Neurofilament triplet L protein MH
U57342 Myelodysplasia/myeloid leukemia factor 2 (MLF2) M
U62317 Hypothetical protein 384D8_2 M
U62739 Branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase (ECA40) M
U79528 SR31747 binding protein 1 M
U86070 Phosphomannomutase M
X16135 Novel heterogeneous nuclear RNP protein, L protein M
X51521 Ezrin M
X59892 IFN-inducible gamma2 protein M
X61970 Macropain subunit zeta LM
X72964 Caltractin M
X74008 Protein phosphatase 1 gamma LM
X76013 QRSHs glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase M
X80199 MLN51 M
X80763 5-HT2c receptor LM
X83218 ATP synthase M
X91247 Thioredoxin reductase LM
X96484 DGCR6 protein LM
Z12962 Homologue to yeast ribosomal protein L41 H
Z27113 RNA polymerase II subunit 14.4 kD M
Z47727 RNA polymerase II subunit LM
Z70759 Mitochondrial 16S rRNA H

* The abundance levels in copies per cell: L <5, LM >5 <10, M >10 <50, MH >50 <100, H >100.