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February 1, 2016; volume 48, issue 2

Call for Papers | Systems Biology and Polygenic Traits

Systems Biology of Exercise

Genomic and "Polyomic" Studies of Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Diseases

Genome-Wide Assocation Studies and Function

  • Patterns of gene expression among murine models of hemorrhagic shock/trauma and sepsis
    Juan C. Mira, Benjamin E. Szpila, Dina C. Nacionales, Maria-Cecilia Lopez, Lori F. Gentile, Brittany J. Mathias, Erin L. Vanzant, Ricardo Ungaro, David Holden, Martin D. Rosenthal, Jaimar Rincon, Patrick T. Verdugo, Shawn D. Larson, Frederick A. Moore, Scott C. Brakenridge, Alicia M. Mohr, Henry V. Baker, Lyle L. Moldawer, Philip A. Efron


Physiological Genomics of Cell States and Their Regulation and Single Cell Genomics